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We arrive at your house/venue and are set up in just a few minutes. All we require is a standard household plug-point.


Relax with friends & family while your kids game in safety, under full supervision of our expert gaming coaches.


Your kids will be fully entertained throughout, meaning less for you to clean up inside the house!

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Mega Games vans are configured with the most current and powerful gaming consoles and games for the ultimate party experience.

All vans are fitted with 10 x 43" 4K Ultra High Definition TVs, each linked to their own gaming console. In addition, our consoles are linked, allowing safe simultaneous multiplayer sessions, which creates fun and social gaming!

Hiring a Mega Games van is the perfect entertainment idea for birthdays, communions, confirmations, weddings and corporate events.

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General Area Covered

Mega Games mainly covers most of the area inside the red circle on the map.

If you are based outside this circle and you're interested in booking a van for your party, please contact us on (087) 9581500 or use the enquiry form.

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Gaming Party 2 Hours

  • Gaming Van for 2 hours
  • Full Supervision
  • Choose an ideal date and time

Wedding 2 hours

  • Gaming Van for 2 hours
  • Full Supervision
  • Choose an ideal date and time

Wedding 3 hours

  • Gaming Van for 3 hours
  • Full Supervision
  • Choose an ideal date and time

Corporate Half-Day

  • Gaming Van for 4 hours
  • Full Supervision
  • Choose an ideal date and time

Corporate Full-Day

  • Gaming Van for 8 hours
  • Full Supervision
  • Choose an ideal date and time
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Frequently Asked Questions

We’ll just require access to a standard household plug point on arrival. We provide plenty of extension leads and can connect to an outside powerpoint, your garage or through a window into your house or venue. We bring everything else!

Each van caters for 12 children at a time. There are 10 x 43” 4K TV screens linked to individual Xbox and Playstation consoles as well as 2 hand-held Nintendo Switches.

Usually not. We have 3 separate networks in the van and will find the strongest on arrival when setting up. However if your house or venue is very remote and has weak signal, we can connect to your broadband (if available).

Yes, although some games are online multiplayer, we ensure that all consoles have strict security management to ensure that they are not visible online and that nobody outside the gaming van can message or add our consoles. The consoles are linked though, so kids can play multiplayer games safely with each other.

We operate with long-wheel base Mercedes Sprinter vans. Although the vans are longer than an average-sized car, we are able to navigate into most spaces provided. If you are unsure about space requirements, please feel free to contact us.

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